• Kalyan Group of companies is founded by Mr. Ashok Gupta who has managed the Group and has led to diversify its business with activities into Fertiliser Trading, Dry Bulk Shipping, Agriculture Farming, Hospitality industry and mining to name few.
  •  With more than fifteen (15) years of experience, the Group started in the field of fertiliser trading with an in-house shipping team to grow into a large scale and global player.
  • Kalyan Group has the exclusive right to market and distribute Togo rock phosphate  to various global markets.
  • Kalyan Group is one of the world’s largest private sector player in the global space of phosphate rock and in particular, one of the largest private supplier of phosphate rock to the Indian market. Apart from India, our major customers are from South Korea.
  • The Group has over the recent years, strategically established offices in the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius in the order to better develop and manage projects and investments in West African countries and other regional markets.
  • West Africa especially Togo is the Group’s most important markets for growth where they have considerable investments and doing business for more than a decade in the sectors like Hospitality, Agri-Farming and Poultry.
  • We are also a proud member of:
  1. Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  2. International Fertilizer Association
  3. Fertilizer Association of India